Friday, 16 December 2011

saturday tour

still posting about last weekend: it was a pretty good one

what girl doesn't love a room of bling!?
my friend anna held an open house to showcase her handmade jewellery

pretty lace & bead earrings

i think i might need this (tea) bag in my life

followed by treats!

made me smile

loving these delicate bracelets with suede-ish fabric flowers (also available in rings)

better look at the bag (also comes with other slogans)

 and then it was off to another friend's birthday party
where my attention kept wandering to his mum's glass iceberg candle holders and ducks (geese? swans?)

and after that we met some other friends at a new winebar, it was all very exciting

sweet wallpaper at the bar

and we never say no to complimentary shots, especially in such sophisticated little glasses!

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Καλλικράτης said...

looks like a fun weekend... aaand the name of the wine bar is...?