Monday, 12 December 2011


it started with this:

i was/am as obsessed as everyone else with the video
but i also noticed the earrings

i was telling my super-stylist friend that i wanted new earrings and...
she said she'd seen some "really cool safety-pin ones" - KERCHINGG!!

as i mentioned a few posts ago, ive been working my ass off so i decided i could treat myself


went rock t-shirt shopping with my best friend. she bought ac/dc and the beatles, i bought this
i got medium because they didn't have large but its too small so im going back to exchange for x-large

i love that starhead logo more than i can explain. ive seen it in a tattoo, it looks amazing 

lastly this caught my eye. i needed something bright, red, shiny and extra-glossy for my lips



forbiddenid said...

i LOVE those earrings! u found them online or in Cy??

drollgirl said...

love the jewelry!!! tom binns has some amazing stuff.

and the sisters of mercy?!?!?!?!? i went and saw them a few years back. my friend was NOT into it, so we left early. it would have been better to see them in the 90's, but whaddya gonna do.

i saw bauhaus a few years ago and ALMOST DIED because the show was so good. if you like that kind of thing, you might want to check them out if they tour again. or not!

also love the red lips. i just bought some red gloss. i'm a bit scared to try it, but i will. :)

Izumihiiiflower said...

wooooow that earring is amazing!! <3