Sunday, 29 January 2012


the lumberjack shirt: another sale buy!
it actually came with a lame little belt attached but i managed to unstitch it
stradivarius shirt, next fake leather jacket, motel fake fur, bershka waxed jeans, zara boots

Thursday, 26 January 2012

flower power

do we attempt the extreme flower print? yes, i think i'll pick one up on saturday 
there are loads hanging around in the zara sale, i guess cyprus isn't going crazy over them

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

guess who skull is yet?

boyfriend's taking part in a group exhibition in a couple of weeks
he's doing a series of skull portraits and is allowing me to give you guys a sneak peak

this one's a bit special, can you guess why? she's a bit modern compared to the other old-fashioned skeletons
but ive been told that there's a rockabilly coming along soon to keep her company

how about a closer look?

Sunday, 22 January 2012

the story of cliff and janet

its been cold and rainy, perfect curling-up-with-a-movie weather
so here's some googled screenshots from one of my fave movies: cameron crowe's "singles" from way back in 1992 (no way is it twenty years old!??) its set around the grunge scene in 90s seattle, and as such features some epic fashion as you shall see. there are some other storylines but i always forcus on cliff (matt dillon) and janet (bridget fonda)

cliff is a musician. he believes he's greatly talented. he's not

janet is a waitress, his semi-girlfriend and his biggest fan

cliff doesnt really care about anything except his band

and while acknowledging that janet is crazy about him, still sees other people 

eventually janet realises that she deserves better

and stops fawning over him

cliff is puzzled
at first he just misses her adoration but then..

he makes some disastrous attempts to win her back
in fantastic outfits like layered tshirts and shorts over leggings (with boots and socks)


and a leather jacket over more tiedye and a pair of what one blogger called 'guatemalan friendship pants'
(best description i ever heard)

i won't spoil the ending but it is happy

this scene is not actually in the movie (i don't know if it was a cut scene or what?)
but i added it because they just look great together

so now you just have to fast-forward through the other story of  unlikable steve and neurotic linda
i don't understand why cliff and janet were the secondary story, they were much more fun &interesting

Saturday, 21 January 2012


i have this thing where i get something in my head and i have to wear it no matter what
thats what happened with my new teeny heel, pointy toe shoes
which would just not work with socks
and thats the story of how i went out in zero degrees with no socks and rolled up jeans

zara striped knit (2 years old?), zara ripped jeans, stradivarius heels, oasis coat

got some more comments on my cyprus charm too, still love it

Thursday, 19 January 2012

blacks and skulls and studs

modelling the new shoes (have i had enough of big clunky platforms!?) in the fitting room

topshop tee - xmas present from one of my merchandisers, she has one too :)

the bf's new shoes: i love the juxtaposition of the black box and the whiter-than-white shoes

obviously not black but will look wicked with total black outfits, no?

managed to catch this matte black last-piece uterque skull ring

another xmas present: studded topshop slipper shoes from the best mum in the world

years before rick zombie hit the scene i fell in love with this i-D editorial and its been framed ever since
(from i-D dynamic issue, january 2000!)

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

yakety YUCK

so last weekend we went to a well-advertised warehouse party

everyone was so excited about it

it was a pretty cool set-up

but the music just killed me - and not in a good way

maybe im too old but yakety sax (google/youtube it) is not my idea of a party tune
apparently a lot of people who heard the music from outside didn't even bother coming in

the donkey-with-bowtie is the party organizers' logo (their name kinda translates to "hillbillies gone wild")

eyeliner, bracelets, spikes

Sunday, 8 January 2012

mercy orange

debut for the sisters of mercy XL tee
also new leggings, the first sale buy of the season (bought them in turquiose/black too)

sisters of mercy tee, mango jacket, stradivarius leggings, egoshego boots

Friday, 6 January 2012

missing the looping

 so the boyfriend designed the poster/flyer for the first lefkosia loop festival

where musicians would play on loop stations, doing live sampling and recording

we went to the preparty last week to get a taste

thanks to work and the extreme hours i spent setting up the end-of-season sales
i completely missed the actual festival this week. such is the retail life..

the weather suddenly decided that its winter, so hello rain