Thursday, 19 January 2012

blacks and skulls and studs

modelling the new shoes (have i had enough of big clunky platforms!?) in the fitting room

topshop tee - xmas present from one of my merchandisers, she has one too :)

the bf's new shoes: i love the juxtaposition of the black box and the whiter-than-white shoes

obviously not black but will look wicked with total black outfits, no?

managed to catch this matte black last-piece uterque skull ring

another xmas present: studded topshop slipper shoes from the best mum in the world

years before rick zombie hit the scene i fell in love with this i-D editorial and its been framed ever since
(from i-D dynamic issue, january 2000!)


CyPinGirl said...

i looove the slipper shoes! xxx

theslushybrain said...

i love the skull ring and the shoes!
and thank you for your comment, the galaxy sweater is good quality, it's really cozy and warm (: x

Vicky said...

I've got the studded Topshop slippers <3 them, they are amazing xxx

kot-itsa said...

atsa h mama!!!8elw k egw topshop papoutsiiiii