Sunday, 5 February 2012

a day in the gardens: how to build a garden

beautiful sunny day yesterday, we went here:

a beautiful, beautiful new art space in the heart of nicosia, in the grounds of the old municipal gardens.
boyfriend designed the invitations & programme. i love that he's been getting projects like this,
it gives us the chance to see wonderful things and meet such interesting, creative people

the greenhouse was designed by respected architect neoptolemos michaelides in the late 60s
it was intended as nursery for exotic plants to be cultivated for the gardens (which he also redesigned)
but it fell into disrepair and was forgotten for years

the visual arts association and curator elena parpa lovingly restored the area, giving it a new purpose

yesterday was its launch exhibition: "how to build a garden"

afterwards we took a walk in the gardens (see some of the exotic plants there?)

i used to play here as a child but i haven't been for years
as most people, i had forgotten that these gardens even existed

i was stunned at how lush and green everything is,
and why it wasn't packed with people on a sunny saturday
in any other capital city in europe it would be such an attraction

the gardens themselves have a fascinating history:
the plot of land was bought at the price of 63 british pounds in 1902 when cyprus was still a british colony
and slowly began to be cultivated to a garden

i hope that life comes back here, i will definitely be visiting again
my best friend and i have made ourselves a promise for spring-summer picnics and i can't wait


CyPinGirl said...

i used to spend each and every sunday here back in the day but haven't been there in ages as well... it's been on my 'things to do' list for quite a while, i think it's about time to go back there again. xxx

SoapiUk said...

ohh wow this place looks lovely! I wish I could visit it at some point x

forbiddenid said...

wow, is that in nicosia?! a hidden gem within the city!

Michaela Matsopoulou said...

παρόλο που έζησα 6 χρονια σαν παιδί στην Λευκοσία δεν το θυμαμαι πολυ αυτο το μέρος και φαίνεται υπεροχο!Θυμάμαι το παρκο της Ακροπολης κ της Αθαλασσας αυτο ομως όχι!
So glad I found your blog!definitely following you!