Thursday, 23 February 2012

fast feb

yep im back to blogger but man, february has been mad-hectic
last week i had 2 days in barcelona for my brand's international merchandising meeting
airplanes, hotels, taxis, buses, conference rooms, rails of clothes, new season slideshows, presenting my exercise to the group(!), window gazing on portal d'angel, a 4am wakeup call and flying back home over a frozen europe.. it was intense!

either vienna or munich, the airports blended together after a while..

little airplanes making snow tracks


felt strange to be dressed in chunky winter clothes discussing summer tropics

inspiration in the design team's room

2 days of meeting over and we're off to barcelona

i still get so excited that window-shopping and shop-gazing is part of my job

portal d'angel (one of the main shopping streets): each storefront was more impressive than the next

remember my spot? (here and here)
how i wish i could introduce him to this white guy (awesome window too, love the gloves)

rabbits romping around in the window display

i want one

pretty hair and makeup and eyelashes

love the blossoming branch

may have been rough getting up at 4am, but this flying sunrise was kinda worth it (byebye teeny moon!)

fantastic purpley pink clouds in the breaking dawn

purpley pink breakfast, the blueberry muffin was indeed fluffy

europe from the air: all i could see was snow, snow, snow

..until next time..


Unknown said...

everything looks amazing...and now i want a muffin :p

Anonymous said...

oh, traveling... i would be the happiest if only i could travel a little bit more often. once a year just isn't enough.

thank you so much for stopping by and for the sweet words you've left. i'm glad that you like my little space and please don't be a stranger :)

warm greetigns!

Anonymous said...

wow, nice pics!