Friday, 3 February 2012

jan diary

my new anna koumoushi bag going to work

burger date with the bf

beertime for him

lots of worktime (my brand is somewhere in there!)

hanging out with the satc girls (i love how they're right next to the cocktails menu)

sales shopping

loads of rain

print clashing

our friend soteris kallis' solo exhibition, amazing

taking my new shoes out for a spin

me vs the boyfriend: black heels vs black converse

bad picture of a good night out

sneak peek at a little renovation project

which will be so good!

like a secret room, can't wait

i did something to my camera colour settings but i love this picture, so warm

donkey logos are appearing everywhere

good music, finally!


and, erm... after


misslikey said...

looks like you are having great time. this burger looks so tempting.:) I am longing for a nice, good burger.

CyPinGirl said...

i always love your monthly recaps! :)

Parakmiako Ergaleio said...

Good to see you're having such a great time girl!!

Sales are awesome <3

Constance said...

Cool photos!