Thursday, 1 March 2012

feb diary

happy march everybody!
-february photo diary-

a cute ice cream marshmallow from my friend anna

such a cool space! behind-the-scenes: the 2nd floor storeroom of one of our shops

dinner with friends at a traditional village taverna

followed by a sweet cyprus coffee in a teeny kitsch cup

our friends are expanding their family! she's a girl!!

i really want to find one of these retro chairs

lurve cupcakes with my girlies on the saturday before valentine's day

new denim waistcoat at work: i want to buy it and "diy" something to it, any ideas?

boyfriend designed the programme for a new play, and friends of ours did the costumes and sets

it was a site-specific play, at nicosia's amazing new theatre

it was set all around the new building, we followed the actors around the hallways and grounds

ive never been to anything like it, i was so impressed, it was amazing work by everybody involved

an unphotographed outfit: denim shirt, boy london tee, printed leggings

some shoes need tidying!
from left: egoshego boots, creepers, stradivarius mini heels, studded hi-tops

my friend's accident made a really good photo, i love the splash

valentine's day at work: a sales assistant's boyfriend sent an orchid delivery for her, awwww!.. 
it was the pride of our stockroom for the day

preparation for my merchandising meeting in spain

bringing out the flower print denim

i was mesmerized by this breathtaking tree, i have no idea what it is but its beautiful

erm, i have no idea what he is either but he's welcoming cyprus' crazy carnival season

drinks with boyfriend and my best friend last weekend, nice way to round off the month


μισ πσαροκόκαλο said...

από όλην την ανάρτηση στα γλυκά κοκκάλωσα.
εισαι στη λευκωσία;αν ναι, που μπορω να αγορασω cupcakes της προκοπής στην πρωτεύουσα;

The Passenger said...

That marshmallow really is cute.

verotronik said...

ta glukakia einai super!!!! mou anoi3es thn ore3h!!!

pare idees gia na metatrepseis to jeans jacket sou!