Friday, 2 March 2012

oddballs in the supermaket

this has been everywhere on cyprus social media for the last 10 days: a supercool video-flyer for a warehouse party. it centers around a weird and wonderful group of characters having a dance off in a supermarket, its so fun to see friends of ours playing roles like these

the gang includes a bored checkout girl

an eccentric shoplifter, a sexy banana stocker and lustful inventory-taker

a scary butcher and a mean-looking punk

punk and shoplifter come face-to face
back up is needed

the boys appear

and then the girls

the best styling, no?

and the action begins!



there's so much more going on than these video-stills show, watch the whole adventure:

made by a group of cypriot oddballs



Oh I loved it! The style of everyone in the video is so goood! x

verotronik said...

fainetai polu interesting!!!

logo tou gegonotos oti exw sgouro malli exw ginei polu efevretikh me to na ta mazevw/ kanw ple3ouda/ kotso/ iosionw/ bouklonw...mallon kommwtria 8a eprepe na eixa ginei! heheheh

oso gia ta adrika rouxa einai fardia kai praktika!

A x said...

Love this styling, looks like so much fun!

A x

Izumihiiiflower said...

so good!!

Gawgus things... said...

Loving the girl on the mini tractor!
Emma x