Monday, 23 April 2012


just stalking rihanna lately





i love all the denim and jewellery, plus her immaculate manicures and fantastic hair
it seems like she can wear any style and rock it, love her


noirohio vintage said...

she always kills it...

Lisa said...

Loving the "big bootied or tittied bitches only" sign - I think I'll make one for house!

I'm afraid I have no magical solution for maintaining coloured hair... Vegetable dyes in general are rejected by my hair. I am also in the bad habit of washing mine every single day, so vibrant shades last a maximum of a week, but realistically, 3 days. Unfortunately your only options are to top up every weekend OR, like a close friend of mone, train your hair to only require washing once a week. Wish I could be more helpful! x