Friday, 4 May 2012

april diary

my friend documented a hair salon with my name on it

road trip to the mountains

we had lots of rain this winter so everything is green

but spring has sprung, as you see by this almond tree

helped out the window dresser a bit

dinner with the bf (i love that t-shirt)

never heard of dewberry purple until this jacket

looks good with neon though

bf took part in another exhibition

huuuge wineglass

boys lost in a world of football

chilled out evenings

clockwise from left: kelsi dagger boots, stradivarius boots, missguided creepers

mischa barton bag

the service elevator & me at work

clearing out the stockroom

travelling mannequins in the work van

vicky pericleous artwork (and our friend stelios' amazing sweater)

i love the circles in her art

just minding my own business at the traffic lights and cartman gets all aggressive

a ladybug on the wall at my mum's house

my parents are giving me their old dressing table - its older than i am!
mirror's stained, drawers don't open/close properly, wobbly legs and broken stool
but the boyfriend is going to restore it for me, i am very very excited

the drinks of the legendary night

the best friend

the rings

put the shots down and back away slowly

at least we had our very own taxi driver for the evening. don't drink and drive kids

another one for "the lonely/abandoned beers" series (see here and here)

the end of the legendary night - i don't remember much beyond this point, hm..


Magnet said...

Looks like you're having a good time, your boyfriend seems very talented. Oh Chloe! Do you watch Eurovision? Maan, if Cyprus wins this year, I'm going to go and watch it live in Nicosia next year! (fingers crossed)

A Brit Greek said...

I love your outfit in the previous post girl!

The photo diary is fantastic - from the flowers to the shoes to the freak me out mannequins at work!


CyPinGirl said...

hi chloe! this is quite irrelevant but i'm thinking of getting my first tattoo and i thought i'd ask for some info or something since you obviously know a bit more than i do! ;) first off, could you suggest some good places? and then, how much does it cost for a small tattoo? umm, how much does it hurt?! ;) is there anything else i should know? thank you (you can answer on my tumblr if you want). also, i've already mentioned this before, but i love these monthly recaps of yours! oh and that dressing table looks rad! xxx

drollgirl said...

well it looks/sounds like life is good for you!

i love the mannequins. so much!

and your pics are fab. the ladybug pic is so sweeeeeet! :)