Sunday, 24 June 2012


-i have finally joined the hipster crowd with an iphone and an instagram account-

and our friends got married yesterday!

my new shirt - a lost bouttonniere

boyfriend's doberman tattoo - baby bump in her mummy's pretty dress

flowerpetal confetti - streamers aftermath

me and the bf - drinks

party dancefloor - the bride enjoying the dancing in her beautiful dress

the boyfriend - myself
(tried to keep the antisocial phone behaviour to a minimum)
should anyone care to see more, my username is chloetonic

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

good times, good vibes

so yeah, im still around

vibes tee, zara jeans, h&m fringed bag,
topshop ambush boots, various bracelets

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

happy blingday to me

it was my birthday yesterday!
so i pulled on a bunch of bling and we went for a burger, yay

topshop tshirt, zara jeans, stradivarius heels
-yeh, don't know why my pictures are so grainy-

clockwise from top left: really old stone necklace, really old wooden bracelet, mango hoop earrings, rings: stradivarius, dara ettinger,
ysl arty ovale, purple stone from budapest, random skull pendant

Sunday, 3 June 2012

may diary


we had a lot of rain and these little guys all woke up

roses from my mum's garden

that work elevator again

awesome cyprus souvenir mug at work

vintage barbie stickers on the girls' lockers

and a hot guy in small trunks

after work drinks, yay!

the barman was amused at my photo-taking

elena's cute bracelets

i love bar displays like this

aliens and teddy bears

hanging out in the street at our friend's window-display art installation


80s elle - best wrapping paper ever?

cool window display

sunday walks around our neighbourhood - someone's back garden wall

ever seen a baby pomegranate?

i love old cyprus architecture: arches and pillars and wrought iron window/door coverings

bf's shaved his head, very skin

lebanese dessert with my sister

flame dancer at a random bollywood night (no henna hand-painting unfortunately)

bar toilets: felt like a cross between lana del rey (hair) and alice in wonderland (rainbow of tiles)

 mixed feelings about an architectural model of nicosia's abandoned airport at an art exhibition

because its so pretty until you spot the teeny ominous tanks lurking around
(the airport was the scene of fierce fighting in the 1974 invasion of cyprus by turkey)