Sunday, 24 June 2012


-i have finally joined the hipster crowd with an iphone and an instagram account-

and our friends got married yesterday!

my new shirt - a lost bouttonniere

boyfriend's doberman tattoo - baby bump in her mummy's pretty dress

flowerpetal confetti - streamers aftermath

me and the bf - drinks

party dancefloor - the bride enjoying the dancing in her beautiful dress

the boyfriend - myself
(tried to keep the antisocial phone behaviour to a minimum)
should anyone care to see more, my username is chloetonic


drollgirl said...

yay! instagram is so fun! i love the iphone. i think it is my most loved purchase in the last two years. yes, i am a dork.

and your pics are so fab! YOU LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL! i love that blouse. and i love the pregnant woman's dress, too!

Isquisofrenia said...

you look vintage here
so pretty
like 60s or something like that

Bloody Mary said...

Great photos!!!!Jut <3 the shirt!!!
Bloody Mary