Friday, 20 July 2012

pointy is the way to go

new sale buys

red stradivarius heels, white mango wedges (i know, pointy wedges!)


. said...

Pointy wedges? Ohh I need to see more! :D

The Lovelorn

Isquisofrenia said...

sorry i just replying to all my comments .
but yeah how you been
i would to hang out with you too
it would be realy cool
btw nice shoes

Pearl Westwood said...

Oh you cant beat a bit of pointy shoe action!!

Parakmiako Ergaleio said...

Can't wait to see you wearing those!! ^_^

Με γεια!

rouli said...

really cool shoes

hope u re doin fine dear!


<3 rouli

Fashionable Rose said...

i love this pointy new style on heels !! love the ones you bought :) xx

Anonymous said...

Are the white wedges shiny, like patent leather?