Thursday, 13 September 2012

august diary

..and life keeps on going by..
really glad we're getting closer to autumn &winter, summertime sadness lasts so much longer in cyprus

enjoyed some green things on instagram (and also LOVE those slim rings)

went to the beach approximately once in august, after 6pm

when you're not a friend of the sun, 6pm is the best time for the beach

somebody new popped into our lives (our best friends' new baby!)

before and after lightening my hair

bike riding in the afternoon

bike riding at night

tried on some spikes and studs at work, but was most excited by my new snoop dogg tee

two pears and a painful sunburned arm (JUST from driving around in the car! )


kot-itsa said...

ayto to diafano axladi einai kataplhktiko!

Fashionable Rose said...

lovely august! i hope you are enjoying September as well ;) x