Tuesday, 2 October 2012

sep diary

september diary y'all!

retro styling pizza and ice cream

midnight walks around our neighbourhood

pacman ghost glass-recycling bin, epic

tried on some zara sale booties

and rediscovered my 'h by henry holland' brogues

our friend is moving house so he had a clear-out sale
almost brought the pink donkey home but in the end we took the little elephant side table

mum's birthday

some gold bling bling - an impressive leg bruise

some pretty cool events going on: in run-down old houses or on the street

party this way

mum took me to the garden center with her

plants are kind of amazing if you think about it

green does help with the blues

i want all the outfits in the ay not dead winter lookbook
its even called "the unreals", how cool

my favourite person having a bath - LOVE the horses in the scissor sisters video

guns'n'roses out and about - playing with hairbuns

1 comment:

A BRIT GREEK said...

Gorgeous photo diary... how did I not know about that Icecream - i've eaten so much over summer!

Love the lotus like plants, I so hope mine are still alive as I've been away for a bit!