Saturday, 6 October 2012

turbaned boy

finally decided to stop letting work rule my life and actually ventured out last night

i haven't bought anything new for ages so it was the boy tee again
and dirty hair brought out the turban
and since getting the iphone ive forgotten how to use a regular camera so my photos are crap

zara skinnies, boy london tee, converse, random bracelets & turban


Alexandra Kouklina said...

hey :)
i found your blog randomly, coz i was looking for cyprus based blogs... we are not so many :) What are your favourites to read? if you want come check out mine -

My said...

Nice look! love these kind of t-shirts!

Emily said...

This is a cute grungy casual look. You're adorable! I love the baggy tee with skinny jeans. And the turban is fantastic.

May the force be with you.