Sunday, 18 November 2012

camo boy

this t-shirt is becoming my uniform
boy london tee, boyfriend's camouflage jacket
zara jeans, kelsi dagger boots, various bling
rings: dara ettinger, skull &bowtie from random little stores, ysl arty ovale


last night, yess!
it helps to know the barman
lightstrip rainbow
good tunes
the obligatory ladies room shot.. is there any blogger that doesn't take photos in the restroom?
maybe its the big mirror
liking the club's new signage
epic string art
another obligatory blogger shot: the half body & shoes pic
waiting for the taxi cab with this lonely beer can

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

tatts new

what the bf and i did yesterday

inner arms huuuurt

all bandaged up

arrow in the head

saw this "love me" text as graffiti and really liked the heart on the m

it sits quite well above the gypsy

Friday, 2 November 2012

october diary

october diary's a bit minimal, gotta step up

seriously contemplating this chloe tshirt  //  daddy's girl

another street party: drinks on the window ledge

drinks on the diy pallet table

the last unicorn, one of my favourite childhood cartoons  //  rose cordial

yesss, the postman visited!

pirate tape!

a snake-wielding goddess!

get your bc goddess t-shirt from

the little gecko who lives in our kitchen lost his tail

work work work  //  new arrivals