Thursday, 20 December 2012

like a tree falling in the forest

so at the beginning of december the bf had routine surgery for a deviated septum (he's fine, cheers!)
and as soon as i saw them wheeling him back from the operating theatre, i fainted
now, when i faint i go down like a felled tree
so unless there's something to stop me i usually bash my head
and this time, the thing that stopped me was a door frame along the forehead
and over the next days i had swollen forehead, eyes and nosetop
which then turned into a yellow forehead and black teardrop under my eye
(more or less back to normal)
my epic faint got me examined by a neurologist who said i have a fairly common vasovagal syncope
which explains my 5 faints over the years, 3 of which have caused me head damage, ouch!
..oh well, its an interesting story to tell at parties!..

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Pearl Westwood said...

Aww you poor thing xx