Tuesday, 31 December 2013


did a bar hopping and clubbing night a few weeks ago
with a new friend who had never been to the places i took her
grafitti of grafitti in the old town
a party-lit palm tree
bar toilets grafitti
snoop and i hanging out in the toilets
more toilet grafitti: a funny cat (or dog?)
still love the lights at this club
couldn't believe the last time i went was a whole year ago
..what remained the next day.. just a lil' stamp..

Monday, 30 December 2013

2 months part I

two months in one post
 off to our friends' wedding
 enjoying the sights of nicosia, especially this self-aware table
 pop up nicosia street party!
 with the coolest video screens
 projections and djs in the street
full window banners
temporary bars in the road
our friends launched their new bistro (yum!)
i don't remember exactly what my tea was but it was hot, alcoholic and so good
others enjoyed beer
we even had a little dog friend
husband's new snake and draw's quirky bird bag
lovely building in the old town, can only imagine what a great space it would be
finally gave in to the wedge sneaker trend
searched three towns for wedding-dress lace (final choice not pictured, ha!)
new red, red, red lipstick
myself and my tattoos made an appearance on the lovely joanna's blog
never even noticed that this is my default selfie pose, very amusing

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

pop up nicosia

a 5-week initiative by nicosia municipality to revive the town center
and a whole bunch of our friends are involved
the project consists of temporary/pop up shops run by designers, artists, musicians and other creatives
each group was given an (abandoned) shop to revive and run for 5 weeks
the merchandise is all cyprus-based and made, supporting the local scene
our buddies at draw
little picture frames/magnets with their birdy logo for the pop-up project
shop window (featuring fiance's hand-illustrated cyprus pumpkin in the background!)
from left: postcards, stickers, notebook, all by mr opma
tranditional greek/cypriot sayings translated to english just sound so funny :)

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

august diary

august diary
baby pomegranates!

hen curtains

nighttime selfies
the beach at the bottom is actually called lady's mile, but i like the typo

me and snoop on a lazy sunday morning

iced coffee in my pineapple glass

souvlaki and chips!

amazing leafy wall

just look at that lil' face!

fiance's new prized t-shirt
fiance appreciation pics

his new drawings
black and turquoise
black and copper
check more at iampin
catching up with breaking bad season 4 (!!!)
so hard to choose
i LOVE this tree
fiance's logo for the department of forests
awesome holiday view
suddenly this is our favourite fruit
cool boys' t-shirts part I
cool boys' t-shirts part II
homegrown figs from my grandparents' garden
another holiday view
doing the double-earring thing (forgive the side-eye)
..going on with the wedding dress mission..