Thursday, 10 January 2013

december diary

 big coats, graffiti neon and ripped jeans

my friend anna koumoushi's annual xmas gathering

 hanging out with my favourite person and her owl

 nights in the old city

 my ring by anna!
 spending the day around town with my best friend and our mums, visiting the most amazing exhibition

based on traditional greek and cypriot traditional costume

and contrasting it with contemporary fashion

 beautiful drawings by gissis papageorgiou, how gorgeous would these look on a boudoir wall?
this particular front&back view is from the island of astypalaia, i love the layers, headpiece and flowers

 this scene is not a painting, its embroidery!..

 as is this cross with flowers, im guessing a memorial?..

 and then we had our very sophisticated coffees to end our girls' day out

bf and i on our first big outing since The Nose Operation and The Faint & The Bruise

 really good burger lunch

borrowing our friends' babies and enjoying cyprus coffees

 boyfriend's latest drawings went to a good home

 more old town wanderings

 hilarious monkey and giraffes

this locked-up old house was stuffed full of decaying arcade games and pinball machines

treated myself to a teeny ring to wear between my first and second finger joint 

just a wineglass chilling out on a parked car

contrasted with the ikea mulled wine at my best friend's boxing day gathering 
("vinglogg" really sounds like something that makes you drunk, hahaha!!)

even this rock'n'roll mannequin didn't want to get back to work after xmas 
we had some laughs with this one i tell you!

pretty candle corner on drinks night
...those last few days between xmas and new year...
random fact: i love high barstools because i can dangle my feet in the air