Friday, 1 February 2013

its alive

yeah, im still around!
nov-dec-jan were crisis months for me, particularly with work
but after a LOT of stress, things seem to be getting back on track
lets GO february!!!

 hopefully there'll be more socializing and blogging instead of pitiful weeping (blaaahhh)

stay tuned people


Fashion Reactor said...

We missed you girl!! Hope this month will be much better ;)


Λένα said...

i miss you girl ....
nice hair...
kisses from

drollgirl said...

i hope you are ok!!! and i hope things get waaaaay better!

december and january were suck fests for me. well, part of february, too. lol. but onward and upward. :)

Parakmiako Ergaleio said...

Hey there! Missed you <3 Hope you're doing fine!

Your hair look soooo gorgeous!!

Unknown said...

Rocking style!! :)