Thursday, 28 March 2013

avant garde cyprus edition

the last couple of weeks have been quite turbulent for cyprus
our teeny island suddenly being thrust under a economicopolitical spotlight

 there are plenty of opinions and articles and debates raging on
about why, and how, and what happens next
it concerns and troubles me deeply.. but this post is not about that

just before it all went down, avant garde magazine published their cyprus issue
two photoshoots are dedicated to a nostalgic look at some classic cyprus novelties
whatever our future holds, these things are the solid gold of our past

this is the first spread

show this assortment of objects to any cypriot and they will instantly know what they are
and probably even have fond memories of them

the second shoot introduces models (two friends of mine actually, woo!)
 with another whole range of objects

for some reason, the editorial reminds me of the lady gaga 'telephone' video
..maybe its the phone in the next pic..

my favourite thing here is the fish napkin holder, i think my grandmother had one!

and finally a surprise!

i don't often talk about or promote my blog, although i have met people who've come across it
so seeing this mention was unexpected but very sweet
my first appearance in print, thanks avant garde!

Monday, 18 March 2013

layers stairs

zara t-shirt & jeans, stradivarius denim waistcoat,
next fake leather jacket, janni&janni boots
my room is a complete mess (my dressing table is in the final stages of its restoration, woot!)
so i have to hang out in the stairwell for outfit photos, hm..

Thursday, 14 March 2013

night bike

however shitty your day goes
there's nothing like a middle of the night bike ride to put things in perspective
i love my bicycle

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

hair byebye

sometimes you just need to cut a whole bunch of hair off
-before and after-
some shorter-hair selfies
 and then a few days later i got reacquainted with the bleach!
i havent been blonde for around 5 years, i missed it
-im in love with my new hair-

Monday, 11 March 2013

a minute to bye..

incredibly sad to let these go..
i bought one colour first (so long ago that i don't remember which! possibly 6 years)
and then the boyfriend bought me the other
i could walk/dance in them quite comfortably, so i wore them endlessly
but now they have bits falling off and they have acquired a weird sticky texture
the white ones have discoloured patches and both zippers are broken
so.. byebye boots..
..time for new boot shopping, and i have my mind on some jc coltranes!..

Monday, 4 March 2013

2 months

where have i been for the last two months!?
doing lots of work, checking deliveries
doing more work, studying daily sales reports and numbers
but i did catch a warehouse party
which did not meet my way-high expectations
the best thing about it was hanging out with my beautiful &very funny sister
the group of abandoned beers
such an unflattering shot of my blinged up fingers
after a day of prepping for the january sales i found a 4.99 sticker in my hair, word
and wearing my best friend's xmas present earrings
 meanwhile the boyfriend added to his tattoos
with a firing tank
and a spider
we supported our friend's jewellery &accessories at market fairs
and another friend's perfume oils
..generally disappointed with sales shopping..
 but loved this horse painting
 strolled past an amazing window display
 with a neverending parade of retro mannequins
 bicycle as decor? why not?
and then it was off to budapest for my international merchandisers' meeting
 presentations of spring-summer trends
in snowy hungary

"just picture the summer"
end-of-the-day room service with burnt sandwich, arrgg
 and airport chocolate counter on the way home, mmm...