Wednesday, 17 April 2013

march diary

-march diary-
scored these beauties in a topshop sale
went to an interesting pecha kucha night
the dressing table is getting on
boyfriend's been working hard
and i've been documenting!
soon it'll be done, and my room will no longer be in this mess
looks so good
this cute little lady had her christening
in a beautiful starry-ceilinged church
in an old mountain village
and then it was annoula's birthday!
anna's pretty creations are now on etsy
spring is heeere: flowers and sun
we obtained a new/old piece of furniture for the bf to diy
i did some fitting-room scouting
including stradivarius printed pants and boyfriend jeans
giggled at the fun graffiti on school walls
so amusing
then the banking crisis took over everything from the middle of the month, serious drama..
so we distracted ourselves with a roadtrip goes on..
and in the crisis, creativity flourishes:
our friends' new studio
they left a marker pen for people to leave comments on the window
this was my favourite, lets hope it rings true

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Love the jewellery!
Laura. xx

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