Sunday, 12 May 2013

april diary

here's april's diary:
too much work, too little social time
month kicked off with 'cyprus aid': a solidarity concert with the purpose of collecting food/supplies
for people affected by the economic crisis
 quite humbling to know that it was put together solely by volunteers (even the artists didn't take a fee)
and to see every attendee bringing a bag of goods to donate
always with the beer
even when you work in fashion you cannot avoid numbers and calculations.. sigh..
working so late that your car is the last one in the carpark.. with a two-hour drive to get home..
no idea of the story behind it, but id like to think that romance lives at the top of this building
(the red text says "Evita I love you", "Evita do you accept?")
 ..resigning myself to the fact that this is probably the closest im gonna get to the chloe susannas..
blueberry pancakes on a saturday morning with two of my favourite people
don't those rubbish bags look like bunnies!? (easily amused)
one of our few april outings: an avant garde party on the industrial estate
drinkie time!


Loving Evelyn said...

great photos

Josie said...

That concert is such a lovely idea, it's so nice to see people helping each other out in hard times xxx

Unknown said...

Cool shots!! love the shoes!!thank u for visiting my blog dear :) let me know if u would like to follow each other x

chris said...

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bgbychristina said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Definitely following now, stay in touch xx

Jo said...

ha ha! easily amused! panta to lew kai gia mena...

Fashion Reactor said...

Hey there!
I love the stories behind each of the photos. Are you a buyer and you have to deal with all these numbers?
xo Margarita from Fashion Reactor!