Wednesday, 31 July 2013

in love with inglot

last week i got a wonderful surprise invite (more on the invite later)
to check out a new make up brand for cyprus:
basically every girl's dream
paraben free, not tested on animals, so many colours! 
and the textures just feel amazing on your skin
where to begin!?? lips, cheeks, eyes!..
you can make up your own 'freedom' palette with your own selection of little blocks
the colours are stunning
the nails
the shimmers
the lipsticks and glosses, wowwee
the second suprise of that day was getting a mini-makeup session! 
and the third surprise was my take-home present
my own freedom palette!
ive never had anything like this, i want to look at it all day
can't wait to use it, super excited!

Sunday, 14 July 2013

totem bling

bring out the bling

topshop tee, zara jeans, mantaray boots

from left: bracelet & green mother-of-pearl necklace from mum,
mango totem-pole bird necklace, stradivarius watch pendant &bracelet

Saturday, 13 July 2013

building on boots

an entirely appropriate outfit for the middle of july in cyprus
well, not really..
what can i say, i had to wear my new shoes
zara boyfriend jeans, mango tee, jeffrey campbell coltranes

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

post presents

still with the birthday stuff, sorry
but i totally saved up to get myself presents!
i only got them last week, friggin customs
first up and most exciting: my white leather jeffrey campbell coltranes
super packaging from nasty gal
second package from choies: two tees
neon lips (but the print is upside down which is a bit annoying)
and arguing bananas, haa

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

june diary

june diary yo
i love seeing bicycles around town
3 of my current favourite necklaces
my mischa barton bag, so 80s
new evil eye rings and very dehydrated hand
new printed shirts at work, ive got my eye on the hearts one
so many layers on this window
spent lots of time with this little one who'll be walking soon!
summer prints hanging out
see a big mirror, take a photo
my anna koumoushi birthday present from draw!
and my birthday present from my mother-in-law
the little boy downstairs with his duck
dinner with my bestest friend and my new tiger t-shirt
hawaiian themed hen-night for my sister's best friend
and the vintage wedding car which brought her to the church
epic napkins at the wedding dinner
(the place was called venus, we added the song lyrics, several minutes of laughing)
gonna miss this lady :(
my sister and her husband are going to australia for a year
i feel like sad sam
(i decided sam would live in the fiance's car when he bought it 5 years ago)
new shoes at work
couple of selfie outfits