Wednesday, 28 August 2013

night views

summer 13 memories
in tiny mountain vilages
bar gardens
where friends made cocktails
and much was consumed
party under the pines (spot the dj?)
party lights: colours
the streets in the old town are alive
this guy: always the best t-shirts

Monday, 26 August 2013

sandnotes at sunset

fiance and i went to the beach at sunset
where he surprised me by scratching this in the sand
we decided to add a lil' wedding day heart (6 months to go!)
and then he was inspired to do this
perfectly captures his romantic vs. metal sides
beach pink turning to purple

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

july diary

july diary!
summer drinks - rose cordial
denim & black (tried the dungaree trend, didn't like it, took it back)
dinner dates with friends
possibly the worst redsign of a beer label (old one on the left, new one on the right)
sale shopping new shoes
and b&w top
preparty essential
party arm candy
party view
party lights
dj on a pickup truck
fiance arm
lots of dancing
spotted a cuuute car on the way home
started the wedding research: comparing bridal heels to my battered allstars
the ladies at work
wigging out at work
new earrings: goth vs art deco
happily having an ice cream with my best friend and we got surprise champagne shots
music set-up at another party
long-legged best friends
chatting in the street
nighttime tour of nicosia with my new buddies from athens
legs shot
birthday party in a beautiful old mansion
fairy lights in the garden
friends in arty videos
always love botanical illustrations (ikea yo)
seriously thought about these, kinda regret not buying them..

Friday, 2 August 2013

sisterz & coltranes

another outfit that i put together around my coltranes
does anyone else do this when you get something new?
and look at my salon-styled wavy hair, almost never happens!

sisters of mercy tee, zara skinnies, jeffrey campbell coltranes
..sigh, my photos are so blurred..