Tuesday, 10 September 2013

august diary

august diary
baby pomegranates!

hen curtains

nighttime selfies
the beach at the bottom is actually called lady's mile, but i like the typo

me and snoop on a lazy sunday morning

iced coffee in my pineapple glass

souvlaki and chips!

amazing leafy wall

just look at that lil' face!

fiance's new prized t-shirt
fiance appreciation pics

his new drawings
black and turquoise
black and copper
check more at iampin
catching up with breaking bad season 4 (!!!)
so hard to choose
i LOVE this tree
fiance's logo for the department of forests
awesome holiday view
suddenly this is our favourite fruit
cool boys' t-shirts part I
cool boys' t-shirts part II
homegrown figs from my grandparents' garden
another holiday view
doing the double-earring thing (forgive the side-eye)
..going on with the wedding dress mission..

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Tanya said...

cool drawings.