Friday, 3 January 2014

2 months part II

monthly diaries are running late!
new sunglasses, extremely round
my honey's new work: a copper circle
and a turquoise one
leafy drop details
wedding research is doing my head in
spent what seemed like 10 years setting up a new store in a new mall
wallpaper detail
these boxes were just the tip of the iceberg, you have no idea!..
back to hometown and a quick lunch at our friends' bistro
i love the androgyny in the charles and keith winter catalogue
(naturally i haven't been able to find the shoe boots on the far left... grrr..)
soon-to-be wifey and husband, yeii!
lazily watching old greek movies over xmas
husband took part in a pop up shop
little houses engraved on a wood block
i keep spotting these abandoned old shops, great spaces
wish somebody would do something about them
like draw, who are soon moving to a bigger and much more exciting location!
amongst the xmas present shopping i saw initials necklaces in topshop and bought a c&p
so i can wear myself and husband around my neck (as seen in car mirror)

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